Binnewater Bottled Spring Water Delivery for Home And Office

Water delivery areas: Hudson Valley, Ulster County, Dutchess County, Greene County and Columbia County

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Binnewater's First Class Delivery Service

When you sign up with Binnewater Ice Company you not only obtain our delicious spring water you also obtain our great service. At Binnewater we are very proud of our service and this page will help explain it.

Click to get startedOur truck comes to most areas every 2 weeks. We have a few areas that we do every 4 weeks. We will notify you prior to your route day that we will be in your area. The notification can come as a text, email or phone call. Our minimum delivery is three 5gallon bottles or four 3gallon bottles. If you are ready for at least the minimum delivery you need to respond to the notification saying you would like a delivery. If you are not ready for at least the minimum delivery you can ignore the notification and nothing happens. Marshall Water DeliveryThe next time your route comes up you get the same notification again.

After a few deliveries you may become familiar with your usage. At this point you can continue getting the notifications or choose one of the following delivery methods:

1) You can choose to be on an automatic schedule. We can delivery to you automatically, without any notification, either every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, or any multiple of 2 or 4 depending on your route.

2) You can choose to be a "will call" customer. This means you will call us and let us know you need water the next time our truck is in your area. We can send you a calendar of your route days or you can use this website to find your route days. Go to "existing customers" and then "delivery schedules".