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Water delivery areas: Hudson Valley, Ulster County, Dutchess County, Greene County and Columbia County

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Binnewater Ice Company is known for our great tasting spring water and our outstanding bottled water delivery service. Our 25 plus years of experience has resulted in an impeccable delivery system. Delivery schedules are strictly adhered to and service calls are promptly addressed. Our entire staff is professional and courteous. We will always keep our customers needs at the forefront. If you are considering bottled water for your home or office Binnewater is the sensible choice.



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5gallon Distilled WaterDistilled Binnewater in 5gallon Bottles

We've always had distilled water in 1gallon cases. Now we've added distilled water in 5gallon bottles. Convenient for use with your bottled water dispenser.





Drinking GlassThe Benefits of Water

Water is one of our most crucial ingredients. Here are a few facts about the necessity of this sometimes overlooked building block to human life.



Large Festival Ice Service

Large Festival IconBinnewater has been providing large volume ice and bottled water service to festival organizers and caterers for many years. Whether it's music, a food festival or a large sporting event. We have the know how and equipment to maximize your ice and bottled water sales. We've worked with Mountain Jam, Taste of Country, Mysteryland, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, The Hudson Project and many more. We've got the equipment and personel to enhance your event no matter what size.



Private Label Bottled Water

Private LabelsBinnewater can provide cases of bottled water with your name, cause or message. It's an easy and inexpensive process.




Ice Service Available for Caterers and Larger Events

If you are hosting a wedding, large party or family reunion Binnewater can help with the planning.


Binnewater Gets Involved in our Local Community

South Pine St. City FarmBinnewater is also a community minded company. We feel that getting involved in our communities activities is important. We frequently work with various local entities helping with their fund raisers and causes. For an example take a look at what we're doing in conjunction with The Kingston Land Trust and The Queens Galley by clicking on the South Pine Street City Farm logo.


Kiwanis Kingston Classic

Kiwanis Kingston Classic

This years event is scheduled for Sunday April 22rd 2018. Be sure to sign up and join us for a wonderful day of running and drinking Binnewater. Of all the events that we are part of the Kiwanis Kingston Classic is by far our favorite.