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Ulster County's Only Wholesale and Retail Ice Supplier

Binnewater Ice Company Inc. is Ulster County's only wholesale and retail ice supplier. We provide ice for many different applications. Most of our ice is delivered to stores for resale. Arctic Ice BagWe also provide ice to the public at our warehouse at 25 South Pine St. in Kingston. We are open weekdays from 8AM to 4:30 PM year round. We are also open between Memorial Day and Labor Day on Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM. Make us your first stop when you head out for camping, picnics or partying!

Retail Ice BoxTo inquire about wholesale ice delivery call us: 845-331-0237!




Large Festival Ice Service


Wedding Planner Banner 

Wedding TableDo you have to water and ice all these glasses? Think how easy that would be with the ice and water delivered right to your site. Binnewater can provide large quantities of ice and spring water for weddings and similar sized events. We will deliver an ice box (or 2 if necessary) full of ice and however much water you need. This is an ideal service for caterers and wedding planners. We will make your delivery on a Friday and you won't have to think about ice or water for the whole weekend. It's already taken care of.


Ice Box Delivery


To inquire about bulk ice delivery for your event call us: 845-331-0237!